Advantages To On-Your-Lot Custom Building Over Prefab And Modular

When it comes to building your own house, the options are endless. With a little bit of know-how and assistance from the pros, some people build their own houses, while others choose to hire builders like us to do the work for them.

On-your-lot custom building holds many advantages over prefab and modular options. To clarify these advantages, it’s important to understand what makes prefab building and modular homes different from on-your-lot custom building provided by S. S. Steele Homes.

What Is Prefab Building?

Typically, prefab homes are built in sections in a home-building facility, then transported to a home site and assembled.

Although we do pre-build our wall panels at S. S. Steele Homes, similar to what a framing crew would do at a construction site, we are not prefab builders.

What Are Modular Homes?

Modular homes are typically built in whole sections indoors and then transported to the job site individually and put together to make a whole home, similar to fitting pieces together in a puzzle. Transporting these sections can be challenging since trucks are limited on the lengths and widths they can safely carry.

On-Your-Lot Custom Building Advantages

There are many reasons why custom building on the job site is advantageous: It’s affordable, and it results in a beautiful home built with quality materials.

Climate-Controlled Environment

At S. S. Steele Homes, we are neither a prefab builder nor a modular home builder. Our business is unique in that we pre-build our wall panels in a climate-controlled environment. This means the wood we use is never subjected to outdoor weather. We build the panels on a table in a controlled, dry environment to ensure the quality of the wood stays intact.

Pre-Constructed Roof Trusses

To strengthen the roof structure, we build our own roof trusses that are transported in sections to the job site. These are also constructed indoors to retain the proper condition of the wood.

On-Your-Lot Custom Building Is Affordable

We purchase our lumber directly from sawmills by the truckload and have a large warehouse to store it in until it’s ready to be used for building. This allows us to pass savings on to our customers, so you have affordable model home options to choose from.

Because we only have to transport wall sections and roof trusses to the job site, it’s generally less expensive than the cost of transporting sections of a modular home.

Your Custom-Built Home Is Unique

Part of what makes on-your-lot building beneficial is that your house is not identical to that of your neighbors. We build on your lot that’s been cleared and leveled, and you can choose a home model that’s unique to your tastes and preferences.

Many Options Available In Both Alabama And Florida

Another benefit to choosing an on-your-lot builder such as S. S. Steele Homes in Mobile, Alabama, or North Florida is that we have many model homes available for you to select. They vary in layout and square footage so that you can choose the size appropriate for your needs.

When you explore the available blueprint images, you can get an understanding of what the overall footprint of the house will look like, including the size of the rooms and flooring type.

Contact S. S. Steele Homes For Custom On-Your-Lot Building

We’ve been building custom homes since 1953 and are committed to our customers’ satisfaction. If you live or are planning to move to the Mobile, Alabama, or North Florida area, contact  S. S. Steele Homes for more information about our custom-built houses. Call 251-661-9600 for assistance in Mobile, Alabama, or 850-477-7880 in Pensacola, Florida.