Choosing The Colors For Your Home

Choosing the right colors for your home can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy your space. First, because the right colors add aesthetic value to your decor and make it easy to create rooms and a yard, you’re proud to show off to friends and family. Second, because colors are powerful. They can evoke or enhance your mood or communicate something about your personality.

  1. S. Steele Homes makes it easy to design the home of your dreams. From floor plans to custom home colors, we put decision-making power in your hands to ensure you love the home we build for you. Check out the tips below for selecting the best colors for your space.

Keep Exterior Needs And Requirements In Mind

Begin by choosing textures, patterns, and colors for the exterior of your home. S. S. Steele Homes offers a wide range of options for the homes we build, ensuring you can get the look you desire.

Your personal preference plays a big role in choosing a custom home color for the exterior of your house. If you hate the color or design, you’ll think about that every time you drive up after a day of work or spend time in your backyard. So, consider colors that you personally enjoy.

Two other major concerns when it comes to exterior home colors are neighborhood requirements and maintenance. If S. S. Steele Homes is building your home on a lot governed by a homeowner’s association, make sure you review the regulations to ensure any colors you choose are allowed. We can also help you understand how the exterior options you choose may impact maintenance needs to keep your home looking great long-term.

Choose Custom Home Colors That Speak To Your Style

Homeowners associations typically don’t have anything to say about the interior colors you choose, so you’re free to let your own style preferences guide you. Choose colors you enjoy that work well with the form and function of each room.

For example, some people prefer calming tones such as blue or green in bedrooms as opposed to energetic hues like orange and yellow. If you have a small room — especially one without a lot of windows for natural light — bright wall colors may serve better than darker ones. When all the walls are dark, you run the risk of creating a cave-like atmosphere. Some people enjoy this in a bedroom but not in a dining space or bathroom. One option, in this case, is to select a dark custom home color for an accent wall and opt for a lighter contrasting color on other surfaces.

Remember That Big-Picture Design Matters

Don’t forget to keep the big-picture decor design in mind as you select home colors. First, consider your existing furnishings and where they might go within your new home. If you have a sofa, you love or a dining table that was passed down through the generations, you probably don’t want interior home colors that clash with those pieces.

Second, understand the layout of the home and how that might impact colors within each room. It’s fun to choose hues that speak to the use of each space or the personality of the person likely to inhabit a bedroom, but in open-design concepts, the impact of colors can move beyond each room. Colors in living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, halls, or lofts in open-concept spaces should complement each other, especially where they join at corners or walkways.

Work With S. S. Steele Homes To Design Your Home

If you’re ready to design and build the home of your dreams, contact S. S. Steele Homes in Mobile, Alabama, or Pensacola, Florida, to get started. In addition to perusing numerous design options and working with experienced builders to tweak layouts to meet your needs, you can also visit the S. S. Steele Homes color room to choose custom home colors that ensure lovely aesthetics inside and outside your house.