Laying The Groundwork: Modifying Your Floor Plan

  1. S. Steele Homes provides a wide range of floor plans, including numerous options with three or four bedrooms and between one and three baths. Options also include duplex models that let you turn your new home property into a rental investment. But the home building pros at S. S. Steele Homes also know that every family is unique, which is why custom floor plans are also an option.

What Types Of Customizations Can You Make?

While the sky isn’t the limit — S. S. Steele Homes isn’t equipped to build you a high-rise apartment building, for example — custom floor plans offer a large number of unique options for the design of your home.

The building and design team works with you to understand what modifications are possible, safe, and within your budget. You’ll start by reviewing dozens of potential floor plans and choosing one that’s closest to the design you want. Then, you can make customizations that include adding or resizing windows, adding or removing square footage, modifying some walls, and many other changes.

Why Are Custom Floor Plans Important?

The way individuals and families use their space varies, and the professional builders at S. S. Steele Homes understand this truth. Customization options let homeowners create spaces that truly support their unique lifestyles and needs.

Some common reasons for making changes to floor plans include:

  • Supporting accessibility needs, such as widening halls and doorways to allow walkers and wheelchairs to pass easily throughout the home or removing any levels in the flooring for the same purpose
  • Creating larger rooms, such as turning two small bedrooms into a single larger bedroom or workspace
  • Converting traditional designs into open-concept spaces, which might be important for families with small children so that it’s easier to keep an eye on toddlers in the living areas
  • Moving an exterior door to better match the flow of people across a property, especially when landscape factors such as hills or water are present
  • Increasing natural lighting through the addition of windows or placement of windows to the east or west
  • Reducing exterior climate impact by changing the location, size or shape of windows
  • Supporting specific cooking styles or needs with modifications to the kitchen
  • Creating safer bathing spaces by including walk-in showers or tubs or integrating safety railings (or opting for designs that support safety products being added later)
  • Adding additional functional elements, such as a finished garage, to the home
  • Opting to make changes to base-price elements, such as the type of siding or flooring that comes as the default in each home

The base price for each of the S. S. Steele Homes floor plans is listed, and making changes can alter the price. Depending on the types of changes that you want to make, the price may go down or up.

Work With S. S. Steele Homes To Build Your Ideal Home

So many customizations are possible to the floor plans offered by S. S. Steele Homes that they can’t be listed fully on the website. To find out more about the options available and how much customization is possible, contact a salesperson today. You provide information about exactly what you want in a home, and the sales staff at S. S. Steele Homes can provide some options for you to consider and work with you to understand the budget and timeline associated with your dream home.